The ultimate guide to birthstones, natural gemstones that are assigned as birthstones for each of the months

The Ultimate Guide To Birthstones

Birthstone jewelry is extremely popular to this day. It makes a great personalized gift for both kids and adults. Jewelry pieces with multiple birthstones can represent a whole family. With time, birthstone jewelry pieces often become cherished family heirlooms.

Asking about your birthstone is easy; however, the answer may not be so simple. You see, there are several different charts listing birthstones based on the month, Zodiac sign, and even year of birth. Besides, there are multiple lists floating around depending on the country of origin.

Gemstones and birthstones

The list of most commonly known traditional birthstones originated in Poland between the 16th and 18th centuries. In 1912, the National Association of Jewelers released an updated list of modern birthstones to include the gems that were the most popular at the time.

The modern list differed from the traditional one by including only transparent gems. In a way, that made it easier for jewelers to create “mother’s rings,” which featured the birthstones of a woman’s children.

As you can see, the birthstone list is quite flexible. To this day, jewelers continue to add options to the birthstone chart. For example, citrine and tanzanite are some of the recent modern additions. And in 2016, Jewelers of America added spinel to the month of August. So if your official birthstone is not to your liking, you can campaign to add a favorite of yours to the list - it could happen!

In the United States, people choose birthstones freely from both modern and traditional lists. As long as the stone appeals to you, the piece of jewelry featuring it will suit you.

Additionally, the cost is an important factor when it comes to choosing birthstone jewelry. Some traditional gems, such as turquoise or freshwater pearls, are less expensive than precious and rare semi-precious gemstones such as alexandrite. That’s another secret of their lasting popularity.

Birthstones for each month:

January - Garnet

February - Amethyst

March - Aquamarine, Bloodstone

April - Diamond

May - Emerald

June - Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone

July - Ruby

August - Peridot, Spinel, Sardonyx

September - Sapphire

October - Opal, Tourmaline

November - Topaz, Citrine

December - Turquoise, Tanzanite, Blue Zircon

January Birthstone


garnet january birthstone

Color range: The most widely known color is deep red, but it also comes in a wide variety of colors. Orange Mandarin Garnets and green Tsavorite Garnets are also frequently used in jewelry.

Meaning: Garnets represent goodwill and happiness. It is believed that garnets bring peace, prosperity, and health. Ancient Egyptians viewed garnets to be a symbol of life, and ancient Romans wore them as a symbol of prosperity and protection.

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February Birthstone


Purple Amethyst, February Birthstone

Color Range: Natural amethysts range from deep purple to pastel lilac and almost pink. Green amethysts are also widely used for jewelry-making purposes since their shade of cool green tone is quite unique.

Meaning: Amethysts are thought to enhance creativity and harmony. They are often used in meditation for relaxation and stabilization of energy. The word “amethyst” originates from the ancient greek word “amethustos” which means sober. The gemstone was believed to prevent the person wearing it from becoming drunk. It’s thought to influence the immune system in a positive way and reduce pain.

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March Birthstones


Aquamarine, March Birthstone

Color range: Aquamarine gemstones range in color from pale to deep blue, sometimes with several green-blue varieties.

Meaning: The gem is commonly used as an aid for meditation and spirituality. It is believed to provide a sense of calm and tranquility and empower its wearer. It is known as a cooling gem; in the past, it was used to provide relief to tired eyes and congested sinuses.>

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Bloodstone gemstones, a traditional March birthstone

Color range: This variety of jasper has a deep olive green color with red blood-like veins of iron oxide. Sometimes this gem is referred to as “dragon blood” jasper.

Meaning: Some believe Bloodstone helps with mental clarity, creativity, or energy. It is generally considered to be a healing stone, especially in reference to blood disorders.




Diamond, April Birthstone

Color Range: Most diamonds used for jewelry are white and transparent. However, natural diamonds can be found in a huge range of colors from blue to canary yellow to red and brown. Black and grey diamonds with a significant amount of inclusions are also gaining popularity.

Meaning: Diamonds are known to bring a sense of radiance, energy, and light to the soul. It is also thought to provide strength and clarity, especially in stressful situations. At various times, it’s been used as a symbol of innocence and purity, as well as protection and strength for warriors. Diamonds were first used in engagement ring design during the Renaissance, and since then they are strongly associated with marriage and commitment.

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Emerald, May Birthstone

Color Range: Emeralds tend to be green. However, the clarity and intensity of the color range quite a bit depending on the quality of the gemstone. Clarity is important, but inclusions are tolerated more in emeralds than virtually any other gem.

Meaning: Emerald is believed to have many mystical powers, including transforming negativity into positive energy, as well as bringing harmony and serenity. It is also thought to have healing powers.

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Moonstones, June Birthstone

Color Range: Moonstone has a milky white color with some shimmery blue or yellow hues.

Meaning: Moonstone is usually associated with lunar mystery and magic. It is believed to possess balancing energies, assisting with sleep and dreaming. It is also known as the Traveler’s Stone; it is thought to protect people who are on a journey.

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Pearl, June Birthstone

Color Range: Most commonly, pearls are white and off-white. However, natural color of pearls is much more diverse, and grey, peach, and grey Tahitian Pearls are amongst the most popular.

Meaning: Pearls are often associated with qualities like honesty, purity, and wisdom. Some cultures associate pearls with divine powers. They were also believed to improve skin; pearl powder was used as a makeup product to brighten the complexion.

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Alexandrite, the June birthstone

Color Range: This unique gemstone changes its color from blue-green to purple-red depending on the light. The more dramatic the change is, the higher the value. Large pieces of Alexandrite are very rare, making the carat price of this gemstone quite high.

Meaning: Alexandrite is worn to enhance the intellect and invite good luck. It was named after Czar Alexander II as the gem was discovered in Russia.

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Ruby, July Birthstone

Color Range: Rubies are typically red, ranging from pink tones to deep red color. Depending on the country of origin, natural rubies may also have a purple, orange, and even brown tint. The rich red color of the ruby is caused by the element chromium, which also makes the gem glow from within. The most desired color of rubies is called “pigeon’s blood”.

Meaning: Rubies are usually connected with physicality and strength. They are believed to increase the vitality and stamina of the wearer. Additionally, rubies were also thought to calm anger.

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Peridot, August Birthstone

Color Range: Peridot is a green semi-precious gemstone. It typically has a warm summery hue that makes people fall in love with it. While natural peridot only comes in green, the hue ranges between brownish and olive green to bright yellow undertones.

Meaning: Thanks to its bright color, peridot is associated with happiness and nature. It was thought that keeping the stone close at night protected the wearer from nightmares.

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Spinel gemstones in various colors, August Birthstone

Color Range: The most common colors are red, pink, blue, and black. This gem's opacity varies too, so some pieces can be see-through while others are completely opaque.

Meaning: Spinel is believed to bring prosperity and elevate the energy of its wearer. It also helps to cleanse and focus that energy.

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Sardonyx, August Birthstone

Color Range: Sardonyx color ranges from yellowish to reddish. Occasionally, the gemstones will have zebra-like stripe inclusions of multiple white band layers, mixing all colors in a stunning pattern.

Meaning: In ancient times, sardonyx was used as a stone of strength and protection. It is also associated with courage and happiness. You can often see it as a backdrop of cameo jewelry pieces that were very popular during the Victorian era.



Sapphire, the September birthstone

Color Range: Unlike many other months on the birthstone chart, September only has one gemstone. However, natural sapphires come in many colors. Blue is the most well-known shade of sapphire, and yellow and pink sapphires are also quite popular. Star sapphires are very valuable; the phenomenon is called natural asterism. Star sapphires feature a six-rayed star at the top of the cabochon.

Meaning: Sapphire is considered to be a protective gemstone. It is believed to shield the wearer from physical harm, bad intentions, and envy. Blue sapphires are considered a highly spiritual stone that is worn by priests of many religions.

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Opal, October Birthstone

Color Range: Opal is so unique in terms of its patterns and colors that this gemstone has its own descriptive vocabulary. Each opal is distinctly individual, and even two similarly colored pieces would have a completely different appearance. Their luminescence and color-shifting properties occur because of the water: some opals contain up to 5-10%. The colors range from white to fiery orange to green-blue to almost black - with every shade in between!

Meaning: Due to their dynamic appearance, opals are associated with light and magic. Some credit opals with healing properties, especially for the eyes. Opal is also the ideal gem to attract positive energies and center the mind for prayer and meditation.

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Watermelon Tourmaline, October Birthstone

Color Range: Tourmalines occur naturally in the widest range of colors. Due to their popularity, some of the colors even have their own trademark names. For example, dark pink or red tourmalines are called rubellites, blue and green tourmalines are known as paraíbas, and there are “watermelon tourmalines” with red or pink, white, and green areas all in one gem.

Meaning: Tourmalines have been credited with boosting creativity and are favored by artists and writers. They are also believed to relieve stress and soothe broken hearts.

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topaz, light blue topaz in its raw form, November birthstone

Color Range: Pure topaz is colorless. Impurities tint the stone into a variety of colors, including blue, pink, yellow, and brown, making this gemstone extremely versatile in terms of its color. Plus, each color has its hues and names associated with them. for example, well-known blue topaz has quite some range. There is delicate Sky Blue Topaz, a more vibrant Swiss Blue, and a deep teal London Blue Topaz that has a strong hint of green color. Typically, November birthstones are associated with warm yellow-brown hues. However, any color of topaz is fair game as long as you like it.

Meaning: Topaz gemstones are believed to strengthen faith and trust. They are also thought to act as a banisher of bad energy and thoughts.

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Citrine gemstone, November Birthstone

Color Range: Natural Citrine ranges from light yellow to orange to lighter shades of brown. It is very common to see specimens with a dramatic color transition within the gemstone.

Meaning: Citrine is most commonly associated with healing and joy. This gemstone is thought to soothe and bring relief in case of both physical and mental distress.

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Turquoise Gemstones, December Birthstone

Color Range: Turquoise ranges in color from powdery blue to greenish robin’s egg blue with various amounts of inclusions. Most often, turquoise gemstones can be found in jewelry as cabochons, although faceted stones also have their charm.

Meaning: Turquoise is generally considered to be a strengthening stone. It is believed to heal and cleanse the body.

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Tanzanite gemstone, a December birthstone

Color Range: Tanzanite color ranges from pale lilac to vivid purple with a strong hint of blue. The opacity varies as well. The most valuable gemstones have bright consistent color and clarity.

Meaning: Tanzanite is believed to facilitate a higher consciousness. It is thought to enhance intuition and perception.

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Blue Zircon

blue and yellow zircon in its raw form, December birthstone

Color Range: Zircon can be clear, pink, yellow, blue, and brown, with various combination of these shades in between. This Australian specimen dates back approximately 4 billion years, so it's considered to be one of the oldest minerals on Earth. The name zircon most likely derives from the Persian word, "zargun" meaning gold colored. Zircon gemstones were a popular choice for jewelry in the Victorian era since they were used as a diamond substitute. They are often found in heirloom jewelry dating from the 1880s.

Meaning: Zircon helps deal with loss and grief. It also boosts passion for life and work, bringing success to the wearer. Zircon is used to aid in meditation and developing psychic intuition. It is said to clear negative energy with its protective aura.

No matter what gemstones on the list are assigned to the month of your birth, remember that you are the one who’ll be wearing the jewelry with birthstones. Your jewelry is an accessory, and it should suit your personality and style.

Nowadays, people mix and match things all the time. It is very common to combine one signature birthstone piece with many other accessories of different colors, so don’t feel limited by your birthstone. There are ways of adapting any trends and jewelry pieces to your style so that they spark joy and make you want to wear them time and time again!

Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various online sources. This information is shared for the fun of it rather than to treat medical conditions; it cannot be considered as medical advice.

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